Refashioning a Skirt from a Dress

Refashioning a skirt from a dress #upcycle #refashion #sewing

This dress was one of dresses from my mother.  I really loved it but I have such a hard time wearing anything that I can’t wear a bra with.  I realize that there are strapless bras … but those suck.  So it’s time for a refashion!

Refashioning a skirt from a dress #upcycle #refashion #sewing

See the beadwork on the neck portion?  I have GOT to save it!

Refashioning a skirt from a dress #upcycle #refashion #sewing

Very simple redo today.  Cut off the top, and take that beadwork out …

Refashioning a skirt from a dress #upcycle #refashion #sewing

Sew up the bottom with some elastic band.  Make sure to stretch the band and the skirt a bit so that it goes nicely together.

Refashioning a skirt from a dress #upcycle #refashion #sewing

And here is the final product.  I used the beadwork as a necklace and the skirt came out fabulous paired with an obi belt and a simple tank.  (That obi belt is only $3.46 at Amazon.) And you gotta love Lex’s pose!!

Refashioning a skirt from a dress #upcycle #refashion #sewing


Refashioning a skirt from a dress #upcycle #refashion #sewing

Let me know what you think in the comments!!

Go take a peek at my Upcycled Fashionista Pinterest Board.  I also have two companion boards – Free Sewing Patterns Board and Sewing Tips.  See you there!


9 thoughts on “Refashioning a Skirt from a Dress

  1. I love this.I’ve got a couple of dresses hanging in my closet that I want to transform into skirts.I love the patterns,but I just never wear dresses.I wore a skirt today with a tshirt and just love the way it feels.I think little skirts that hit above the knee are going to be my “go to” instead of shorts.
    I might have to make an obi belt too.Can they be made out of old Spanx,lol?


    1. I think there is something about a skirt that screams “Sexy!” and I love them. And I’m like you — I almost never wear dresses, although I seem to always have a closet full of them … The great part about obi belts are that you don’t need Spandex, because they hide everything. I put a link to Amazon above to buy that obi belt for $3.46 which includes shipping. (This does contain an affiliate link.)


    1. I was going to try to make a different dress out of it so I could keep the beadwork, but I think the necklace came out really nice. And nothing was required!



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