DIY Galaxy Jeans

These crazy and wonderful jeans were created by Noémie at The Sun Was High.  They would be super slammin’ for a New Year’s Eve party, plus casual enough so they are comfy too.  She calls them her Galaxy Jeans.  I attempted at making such a pair with an old black denim jean skirt, but mine didn’t come out very well so I had to scrap it.  I think it was the fabric paint that I used.  (In a word, the fabric paint stunk.)


Homemade Sugar Scrub

Cheryl over at Tidy Mom has a great little homemade sugar scrub recipe for all of us if you are looking for another last minute holiday gift idea.

This looks like it would be a really nifty gift if you have a lot of glass jars lying about, like I do.  I never want to recycle the jars … in case I need them … but they take up sooooo much room.  Well, here is a great way to get rid of them.