Repurposing (Upcycled) House Decorations: Using Shadow Boxes to Celebrate the Season

Yesterday, I was cleaning out my cabinet and saw the shadow boxes picture frames that I use to put our family pictures. I got a flash of inspiration! Wouldn’t it be great to repurpose some old Christmas cards and put them in the shadow boxes to decorate for the Christmas season?


Homemade Baby Wipes

Betsy over at DIYNaturals made these Homemade Baby Wipes that I really like.


This is a really useful idea even if you do not have a baby because our house uses lots of baby wipes for various things, like cleaning off TV and computer screens, wiping off feet, and even personal usage.  I went around and collected those awesome plastic Folgers coffee buckets to use as the “out” bucket, and used up an old baby wipes tub as the “in” bucket.  Score!

Colored Block Tote

Dindin over at Dindin Does created this spectacular leather and canvas tote bag.


One of the items that I got rooting through all of my mom’s clothing was a long, black leather skirt and I was searching for great ways to use up that fabric.  I think I found a way!  What a great little purse.  I might think about making these for my female family members next year.  The canvas would look smashing dyed into different colors.  Can you say wine-colored canvas and black leather, anyone?